Create the Karma you love with the power of positive thinking.

How To Create Karma You Love

Based on the Knowledge System: Ecology of Thoughts by Dr. L. Troyan

Can you Imagine creating the life you LOVE, just through changing the way you think? 

Can you imagine no longer allowing your past to control your destiny, to be in control of your life, and to create your life on purpose? 

We create our own limitations through the way we think. 
But you can completely TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, through changing the way you think too.

Did you ever asked yourself at least one of the following critical questions:

    • Who am I? 
    • Why am I here? 
    • Why are there people who feel better than me? 
    • Why am I so tired and powerless? 
    • Why is my partner so aggressive? 
    • Why isn’t my relationship working anymore?
    • Why can I cope with my mother better than with my father? 
    • Why are my colleagues so underhanded? 
    • Why do I have the same job again and again, although I would really like to create something completely different? 
    • Why do the same things happen to me again and again? 
    • Am I chained to my destiny?

But are there really answers to these questions?
Yes, indeed! You’ll find the answers right here in this course!

This knowledge is for all, who think!
And therefore it is for all of us!

Dr. L. P. Troyan

In this course we will find out some amazing insights about your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence your life!
We will talk about the concept of Karma, and how it relates to your thoughts.


Hi, my name is Daniela Hills, I want to share something with you, that really helped me to improve my life.
I have learned and used this knowledge for over 20 years now, and I have to admit, beside all the other spiritual methods I have practiced, the knowledge in this course, that I want to share with you, was always a vital part of my spiritual journey, and really helped me to create the LIFE I LOVE today.

When I grew up, life didn’t always treat me well. As a child I had lots of pressure from my surroundings, and that created a lot of mental and emotional stress. When I got older, and had my own family this stress continued. 

Programmed through the words and beliefs of my parents, and teachers in school, I had lots of negative thoughts. I thought this was normal, but I could feel deep inside of myself that it wasn’t right, because it didn’t feel good. 
I wanted to change this, because I learned that negative thinking just made me sick. Luckily I would learn how how to change it all, to no longer be a victim of my past, and start creating me life on purpose! 

What does Karma actually mean? 

Many people misunderstand the concept of Karma. They think it is only about guilt and fault, and Karma is catching up to them in a negative way.

They don't know that Karma can also be positive, and affect their future happiness as well.

Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect.
Simply speaking, good thoughts and good deeds create good karma and future happiness, while bad thoughts and bad deeds create bad karma and future suffering.

Karma means that we always have a choice to use our thoughts and actions to create happiness or suffering. We can be victims and devote ourselves to our karma, or we can wake up and transform our karma and plant new seeds for a happier life.



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Mira Alin

Thank you

Very helpful

4 years ago
Christina Graves

Grateful for a new chance

I was drawn to this course because I am interested in how past lives impact our present lives. There are so many interesting topics presented clearly with my favorite concept being about how my negative thoughts about another person are affecting my energetic body before it even hits them, and this has saved my husband a great deal of grief! Daily Karma journaling has put a new perspective on life and I am grateful for all of the knowledge. I have started making your gratitude meditation a daily action. It hits me on such a strong emotional level, especially when I visualize the entire world for my intentions. Thank you Daniela and team!

4 years ago
Martha Marin

Excellent course!

This course teaches a new way to see "karma" , through applying easy techniques. Which help you to increase positive thinking. Another great course from Daniela :)

4 years ago

Thank you

I need to try this out!

5 years ago
Paola Elena Ferri

Great course, thank you!

It helped me a lot, so: thank you, Daniela! You are a great inspiration!

5 years ago
Kirsten Day

Thank you so much ❤️

The course made me realize a lot, thank you. Ich will keep on journeying. Lg Kirsten ❤️

5 years ago
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This knowledge is for everyone!

No worries, I will not talk about how to get rich, or how to heal sicknesses, even if this knowledge can help you with these topics.

My goal is to share knowledge that helps you to realize what you are thinking, consciously and unconsciously,  and also what other people around you may be thinking; and how all your thoughts, your beliefs, and the words of others  have a huge influence in your life!

But this isn’t all. You will also learn powerful, but simple techniques that will help you to learn more about yourself than ever before.

This course is about understanding the real concept of Karma, and it is about Self Awareness.

Like I said before, I won’t promise you that you’ll suddenly become a millionaire, or that you’ll have the best life ever. 

But I can promise you that you’ll learn so much about yourself and others, that you’ll know how important it is to think “correctly”. And this will give you a chance to create the life you love, to control your destiny, and create your life on purpose.  

Sometimes I hear my students saying: “Teachings about Positive Thinking are nothing new to me.” And of course, these days there is lot’s of information about Positive Thinking out there.

When I get the chance, I reply like this: 

“We all know, but only few people take action.”

So are you ready to learn more about yourself so that you can finally find your True Self?

What will you learn?

Learn about the concept of Karma
Get Spiritual Insights about our Cosmic Organism (Whole Being), and how we are all connected to each other. Learn how we influence each other with our thoughts and words. 

Learn Journalling in a way that will help you to observe your thoughts, and the thoughts and words of others.
Learn how to transform thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words that are roadblocks for your spiritual growth.

Learn the basic techniques from the course: Ecology of Thought, to transform depression, anger, aggression, chronic tiredness, hate, fear, dependency, and more. And learn the Violet Energy technique. 

Learn about Past Lives, and your immortality!
Experience a different, but practical way to change your believes and the way of thinking. And learn how to help yourself, and your family and friends!

Why should you take this course?

If you are a Healer, a Psychic, an Intuitive or a Medium, then this course will help you to be an even better Healer or Psychic; because you will learn so much more about yourself! And knowing yourself, means knowing others as well!

If you feel stuck in your life, and you want to finally change it, then this course is for you.
If you practice the techniques in the course, you will not only transform the way you think, you will also look younger, become healthier and happier too! 

This course will help you to let go of blockages. You can learn about the root causes of your blockages, and you can learn how to transform them.

If you want to learn about Energy, and how you can influence your energy (Aura), and if you want to learn how to influence the Energy of others in a positive way, then this course is for you. 

What do you need for this course?

You need 
a pen, and a journal, 
a computer, tablet or phone with internet
and you need to have an open mind for the concept that we are more than just a physical body, 
that we had more than just one life, 
and that thoughts create reality.

Our purpose in life is to help each other, because we are all energetically connected! This course will give you practical tools that you can use for yourself and others!

Let us become a Magician in the Realm of Thought! 

Good To Know

Ecology comes from Greek: οίκος, oikos, "household"; and λόγος, logos, "knowledge". That means ”Teaching from the household of
With Ecology of Thought we understand the Teaching of the "Thought-House", but it is better to say, ‘Teaching of the thought- body.’

Ecology of Thought examines our thoughts and how they effect your life. 
It examines conscious and subconscious levels of thoughts, and it examines the thoughts we are thinking, and what other people are thinking too.

This is a modern world view for all people, who are open for new knowledge and new experiences.

It brings us to a spiritual awakening from the inside, which influences the outside, it doesn’t matter how old you are!

"Ecology of Thoughts" was developed by Ludmilla P. Trojan.
She is Doctor of Natural Sciences, a Psychologist, Healer and Teacher.

Course Overview


In the Introduction section, you will get an understanding of what you will learn throughout the curriculum. You will learn 9 Theories, or Insights, that are the bases for this course. You will learn that thoughts materialize reality, and we will talk about past lives, and about the concept of Karma.

Preparing the Karma Journal

In this section, you will learn about the benefits of a Karma Journal, and how to prepare a Karma Journal. You will learn how important it is to transform any negative thoughts.

Day 1 - Tools: Bridge and Testing

In this section you will learn a simple method to transform negative thoughts. You will also learn how you can find out, if you really transformed your negative thoughts. You will learn the Violet Energy method, and another method as well, so you can test your results. And you will start to write in your Karma Journal with the Bridge-Method

Day 2 - Tool: The Violet Energy Technique

Learn the Violet Energy Technique to send blessings to others, and to any situation. You will also do a powerful Gratitude Meditation, that you can do at anytime later on as well. And you will include the new technique into your daily Karma Journalling.

Day 3 - Tool: Silhouette Method and words of others

In this section you will learn how the negative words of others influence your life. And you will also learn how to transform these words.

Day 4 - Tool: Transform Fear, and other emotions

Learn a fast and simple method to overcome fear, anger and other emotions.

Day 5 - Tool: Programming your Information Field (Aura)

Learn about your thoughts and how you create with them the energy that you send out into your environment. Learn about your Information Field, or Aura, and how you can program it in a positive way, so that other people see you the way you would like to be seen.

Day 6 - Tool: Reprogramming of Anger and Conflicts

In this section you will learn the reason for aggression and conflict from the point of Karma and past lives. You will learn about bad wishes for others, and why everyone is unique. And you will learn how to transform anger or conflicts.

Day 7 - Tool: Transforming Aggression

After already learning how to transform anger towards someone, in this section we will go a bit deeper, and learn more about the Root Cause of this emotion. You will learn a powerful method to transform any aggressions between people, or animals, so that you can delete old Karma to find inner peace. And you will also learn how to help others with their aggressions.

Day 8 - Tool: Transform Depression, Sadness, Tiredness

After already learning how to transform anger towards someone, in this section we will go a bit deeper, and learn more about the Root Cause of this emotion. You will learn a powerful method to transform any aggressions between people, or animals, so that you can delete old Karma to find inner peace. And you will also learn how to help others with their aggressions.

Day 9 - Tool: Motivation

In this section you will learn that we all have bad days, but we can change it. You will learn an easy method to motivate yourself to move in the right direction.

Day 10 - Tool: Transformation of Over Love

In this section you will learn about over love towards others, that leads to jealousy, over protection, or over-dependency. You will learn what the root cause is, and how to transform it. This is another very powerful technique that you need to use to stay in balance. You will be able to use this method for yourself and others.

Day 11 - Tool: Health

You will learn about which thoughts have an influence on your health, and how to transform them. You will learn how important it is to observe your thoughts, so you can stay in balance. 

Day 12 - Tool: Gratitude

In this section you will learn why it is important to become a grateful person. You will learn about exceptions, and criticizing.

Day 13 - Tool: Money

Learn how to observe your thoughts about money, and how to have better thoughts to have a good relationship with it.

Day 14 - Tool: Belief

This is a very important topic, because if you don’t believe, or you believe just in certain things, you will block yourself from having experiences. But it is also important that you believe within the norm.

Day 15 - Tool: Within The Norm

Learn why you should always add “within the norm” after any positive affirmation.

Daily Tools

In this section you will find tools, like meditations, or a specific Karma Puzzle, that you can use for your daily practice.

Additional Information and Tools

I will show you an example of how I write my journal. And we will talk about Giving and Receiving.

Thank you and Certificate

When you finished the last section, you can download your certificate.

Course Curriculum

🩷👉Some people might say, "I already know all of this." My usual response is, "True, we all have knowledge, but it's those who take action who make a difference."😇

Please don't enroll in this course if you don't enjoy journaling or if you're not willing to observe your thoughts and make positive changes. Knowledge is valuable, but it won't benefit you if you don't take action.

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